Looking for a quick and easy little getaway from New York City?

As much as we love the bustling, energetic New York City… sometimes we need a little break from our extraordinary new yorker privledges of being in a town with some of the best dining, sites, and theatre in the world. What many people don’t know  is that New York is incredibly central as a means to getting away to some wonderful neighboring areas that provide some incredible little getaways. This site is meant to help generate ideas for little getaways from New York and evaluate them. Yes we all know about the Hamptons, reserved for the privledged… yet what about the scenic and enchanting Mystic, Connetitcut? Or the maple syrup brewing town of Stowe, Vermont? There are a vast amount of interesting destinations to explore and discover… that don’t require a plain ticket, or a stacked bank account. Join me in discovering, uncovering, and celebrating the greatest and most elusive little getaways away from New York City.

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