Tarrytown House Estate

12 May

We had the pleasure of sneaking away up north for a little getaway from Manhattan earlier this July to the Tarrytown House Estate for a few days. Nestled amongst the towns of Tarrytown, Irvington, and Sleepy Hollow, The Tarrytown House Estate is charmingly historic and enchanting. Upon entering “the grounds” (anytime the resort area is referred to as “the grounds”, you know you just might be in for something special) it feels as though you have slipped into a different time… a time rich in simple beauty and 19th century elegance. There are many a motive for those seeking a little getaway, yet the rhyme and reason of the Tarrytown House Estate seems to be the indescribable relaxation it imparts upon its guests… and coming from downtown New York, the feeling was quite evident, cathartic even.

The Tarrytown House Estate resides on 26 acres gently situated in lush wilderness looking over the Hudson River valley. The estate consists of two 19th century Mansions (The King Mansion and The Biddle Mansion), a carriage house, cottage, and contemporary atrium. The grounds are quite spread out (elderly beware) with paths making its way through rolling hills, gardens, and statues (each with a story to tell) between the various facilities of the estate. The estate contains a recreation complex nearing the outskirts of the grounds, which offers an outdoor pool, indoor pool, large fitness center, sauna, jacuzzi, indoor racquetball court, outdoor tennis court, and various old-fashioned outdoor games- which I never thought I would participate in… needlessly to say I got lost in the moment, and enjoyed myself.

We were lucky enough to snag one of the best rooms in the resort, A balcony room in the King Mansion (built in 1840). In an estate offering over 200 rooms, only 10 or so are available in the King Mansion. King Mansion rooms boast incredible Georgian style charm, and balcony rooms  have a gorgeous view of the Hudson River and Sunset. The Balcony is as large as the room itself, and has outdoor furnishing including a wicker love seat, wooden rocking chairs, and table. Thankfully, the amenities were not circa 19th century: Flatscreen TV, plush bed, terry cloth bathrobes, and Wolfgang Puck coffee (that’s right, he makes coffee now).

Where Tarrytown House Estate really hits the mark is dining (If you don’t mind seeking elsewhere for lunch on weekdays). There is a breakfast buffet available (or a la carte room service), which is available for $15 a person if you prepay at check-in or $25 at the door. The buffet was delightful… having all the breakfast essentials yet also including smoked salmon, various artisanal jams (or they tasted like it), interesting selection of cream cheeses (including bacon cream cheese… whoa), as well as a station with a cook making custom omelettes  (who will also hook you up with fresh waffles). Breakfast is served on the ground level of the Biddle House Mansion, with a glassed-in terrace and patio overlooking the grounds… making for a gorgeous and enchanting breakfast.  Cellar 49 is the estate’s Restaurant, it is an upscale tavern, in the dungeon of the mansion. It looks as though it was artfully crafted right into the history of the mansion (and the history is rich), with rustic brick archways, distressed wood beans, tapestries, as well as contemporary furnishing twisted in… giving the Cellar 49 incredible ambiance. The food is spot on, having tavern (almost gastropub) styled small plates, and New American styled entrees. My favorite was the Wagyu Burger (using American Wagyu, a kobe styled beef using the traditional wagyu cattle that yields incredibly succulent beef) which you can choose to be done three different ways: Farmhouse cheddar and bacon, Maytag blue cheese and pear, or grilled portobello and gruyere (none of those choices seem wrong). I am normally not a fan of chicken, but at Cellar 49, they wrap it with bacon, stuff it with cornbread, and douse it in chorizo gravy…which I would have indulged in had I not been so persistent in trying every wagyu burger style available throughout my stay. The wine list is vast and filled with gems and rare & evasive wines. Long story short, Cellar 49 is special.

Finally, the location of the Tarrytown House Estate is remarkable. One has quick access to three historic towns: Downtown Tarrytown, Irvington, and Sleepy Hollow… all just a quick drive (or cheap cab ride) away. The towns are charming, historic, and interesting to “walk n’ shop” through, with various antique stores, artisanal food shops, and cool cafes… all with charming views of the Hudson River. If you fancy castles and estates…. Lyndhurst Castle, Kyuit (the Rockefeller Estate), and oh yea… Washington Irving’s house is just a stone’s throw away- about 3 blocks (writer of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”), all of which offer tours daily.

The staff was warm, gracious, and evidently proud to be a part of such a historic and wonderful hotel. Rooms Manager, Arkys (pronounced Ar-kiss) went out of his way helping and accommodating us… I recommend referring to him should you need anything.

Only a few negatives: High priced pay-per-view movies (as high as $16.99), No lunch on weekdays available (though one should take this opportunity to explore the culinary experiences of neighboring towns), limited spa services (they do have a massage room- in which appointments could be made with an outside company), breakfast buffet is only available for early birds, from 7am-9am (though this did prevent us from oversleeping and missing out on valuable hours of our little getaway- so days felt longer, which was nice), pool cabana bar only available on weekends, and no concierge (though the front desk is well versed in nearby activities and restaurants so maybe not all together necessary).

Visit the Tarrytown House Estate if you wish to indulge in pure relaxation and immerse yourself in beauty, charm, and history. If you are willing to fully embrace yourself in the serenity of this estate, I promise you will be enchanted.

Here is the website for more information: http://www.tarrytownhouseestate.com/

…This ‘Little Getaway’ is waiting for you.

Mike Markoff

4.5 Stars


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